Analysis of Road Accidents Through Data Mining

  • N. DivyaEmail author
  • Rony Preetam
  • A. M. Deepthishree
  • V. B. Lingamaiah
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 500)


There is currently a great deal of interest relating to road accidents that result in the loss of life or harm to an individual. GIS is capable of storing information regarding road accidents like vehicle accidents, hour wise accidents, day wise accidents. Apart from this, road accidents are also addressed by road traffic database. In this research on the city of Hyderabad, road traffic databases is taken into considerations where road accidents impact on the socioeconomic growth of society. A data mining technique is used to discover hidden information from the warehouse to handle road accident analysis. We implement algorithms, such as prediction and classification in Weka version 3.7. We use k-Madrid to form a cluster of related information. Different attributes are subjected to analysis with the conclusion that prediction is the most suitable and accurate algorithm.


GIS Data mining K-medoid Prediction 


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  • Rony Preetam
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  • A. M. Deepthishree
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  • V. B. Lingamaiah
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