Contaminated High-Plasticity Clay by Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids

  • Zhenning Yang
  • Carlton L. Ho
Conference paper


This study aims to examine the changes of geotechnical properties of high-plasticity clay by hydraulic fracturing fluid and to predict the contaminated fluid-clay behavior based on Hattab-Chang model. Similar to electrical double layer van der Waals forces, repulsive and attractive forces derived from energy potentials are used to describe soil behavior under different pore fluid concentrations. The designed contaminated samples are composed of remolded saturated high-plasticity clays and hydraulic fracturing fluids ranging from 0 to 100% industry-supplied concentration, designated as C 0 , C 0.1 , C 0.5 , and C 1 . The relationship between local model parameters and pore fluid concentration is obtained using the executed geotechnical experiments including Atterberg limits, direct shear, and one-dimensional load increment consolidation. The geotechnical experiments provide the results including soil consistency, hydraulic properties, and shear strength with respect to different pore fluid concentrations. The Hattab-Chang model is supplemented with a relationship between the surface potential characteristic value of \( \widetilde{{A_{N} }}/\tilde{B} \) and different pore fluid concentrations.


High-plasticity clay Hydraulic fracturing fluid Contaminated soil 


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