Manufacture of Gr9 Titanium Alloy Tube for Small Size and Extra-Thin Wall

  • Shengchuan Chen
  • Xiuyong Li
  • Daoyu Xu
Conference paper


The Gr9 ϕ20 × 0.3 mm alloy tube with high-quality small size extra-thin walls was manufactured in this paper. The surface quality of the tube was improved by controlling the surface quality of the extruded tube and the intermediate tube and adjusting the clearance between the mandrel and the tube. The methods of controlling the rolling deformation and Q value and annealing temperature were adopted to solve the matching problem on comprehensive performance of Gr9 titanium alloy tube. The measure of controlling the tube size deviation and the rolling feed were taken to obtain high-precision finished tube. The result shows that the Gr9 titanium alloy finished tube manufactured by this process has high strength and high plasticity.


Gr9 Feed Clearance 


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  1. 1.Ningxia Orient Tantalun Industry Co., Ltd.ShizuishanChina

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