Texture and Color Visual Features Based CBIR Using 2D DT-CWT and Histograms

  • Jitesh Pradhan
  • Sumit Kumar
  • Arup Kumar Pal
  • Haider Banka
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 834)


In content based image retrieval (CBIR) process, every image has been represented in a compact set of local visual features i.e. color, texture, and/or shape of images. This set of local visual features is known as feature vector. In the CBIR process, feature vectors of images have been used to represent or to identify similar images in adequate way. As a result, feature vector construction has always been considered as an important issue since it must reflect proper image semantics using minimal amount of data. The proposed CBIR scheme is based on the combination of color and texture features. In this work initially, we have converted the given RGB image into HSV color image. Subsequently, we have considered H (hue), S (saturation), and V (intensity) components for extraction of visual image features. The texture features have been extracted from the V component of the image using 2D dual-tree complex wavelet transform (2D DT-CWT) where it analyzes the textural patterns in six different directions i.e. ±15\(^{\circ }\), ±45\(^{\circ }\), and ±75\(^{\circ }\). At the same time, we have computed the probability histograms of H and S components of the image respectively and subsequently those are divided into non-uniform bins based on cumulative probability for extraction of color based features. So, in this work both the color and texture features have been extracted simultaneously. Finally, the obtained features have been concatenated to attain the final feature vector and same is considered in image retrieval process. We have tested the novelty and performance of the proposed work in two Corel, two objects, and, a texture image datasets. The experimental results reveal the acceptable retrieval performances for different types of datasets.


Content-based image retrieval Dual-tree complex wavelet transform Color and texture features Probability histogram 


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