The Anatomy of P2P Botnets

  • Shankar Karuppayah
Part of the SpringerBriefs on Cyber Security Systems and Networks book series (BRIEFSCSSN)


This chapter provides an in-depth analysis on the anatomy of three P2P botnets that are focused in this book; GameOver Zeus, Sality and ZeroAccess. This analysis is partly done based on own reverse-engineering work as well as based on the work of other collaborators that have thoroughly studied botnets such as GameOver Zeus. Besides explaining the inner-workings of each botnet’s membership management mechanism, this chapter also describes the anti-monitoring mechanisms that are employed by the botnets to impede botnet monitoring attempts. The information provided in this chapter not only useful for the remaining part of this book, but is also able to provide a glimpse of the advancements of existing botnets to the readers.


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