Connection Design

  • Farzad Hejazi
  • Tan Kar Chun


The joints and connections are the main component in steel structures to transfer the loads between structural components and provide integrity for structure. Design of joints in steel structure is mainly focus on determining of welding properties and connection bolt details to provide enough strength, shear and tension resistance for the joint to transfer the considered loads. Different connections such as column to column joint, beam to beam joint and beam to column joint alter the flexibility of joints and thus affect the behaviour of the entire steel frame system. This chapter outlines the connection design procedure, which included welded and bolted connection. Configuration of connection is based on the desired support condition of connected beams and columns. Detailed configuration, mainly the spacing between bolts should strictly conform to the EuroCode 3 requirements. Also, calculation of support reaction for the beams and columns determines the force acting on the joints. The evaluation of connection configuration with its resistance is done with the aids of tables and equations as per EuroCode3.

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