Performance Evaluation of RPL Routing Protocol for IoT Based Power Distribution Network

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Power distribution automation plays an important role in the smart grid world. With the development of Internet of Things (IoT) technology and fog computing capability, real time streaming analytics and efficient monitoring of the grid is possible. So towards this an IoT based Power Distribution system integrated with Fog been proposed. 6LoWPAN which is IPv6 over Low Power Personal Area network been integrated into smart meters, pole transformer Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) and distribution line sensors of the IoT based system for transmitting data wirelessly using 6LoWPAN communication network to fog which acts as a 6LoWPAN gateway.

Now for efficient transmission of data from 6LoWPAN devices to fog for analysis, there is a need to look into efficient routing protocol for efficient power distribution. Routing Protocol for Low power Lossy Networks (RPL) is the most standard routing protocol been used in 6LoWPAN network.

So now for efficient distribution of power using IoT Technologies employing 6LoWPAN network, we here have evaluated the RPL routing protocol for a small area in a town with fog router as the 6LoWPAN gateway in real time. The system been evaluated for a real time situation of power distribution network for varying transmission range and number of nodes. Also the system been evaluated by changing the position of fog router to a center point of the area where maximum network efficiency is achieved. These been simulated using Cooja Network simulator running on Contiki OS.


Power distribution Automation Smart grids Fog computing Sensors Wireless sensor networks 


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