Location and Energy Based Hierarchical Dynamic Key Management Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

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In wireless sensor networks (WSN), the multi-level dynamic key management scheme may result in high storage overhead. Also considering the residual battery power alone for dynamic key generation may not be accurate and secured. Hence, in the paper we had proposed to design a grid location and energy based hierarchical dynamic key management protocol in WSN. In this technique, the sensor nodes in the network are grouped into clusters with unique ID provided by the base station and assigned a primary encryption key. The network then selects the cluster heads based on their physical locations. Each cluster is in-turn divided into virtual grids so that each cluster head can have more grids. The process of dynamic key generation is initiated after formation of virtual grids to reduce the energy consumption in the network. By simulation results, we show the proposed technique reduces the energy consumption and enhances security.


Wireless sensor networks Key management Clusters 


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