Designing and Simulation of S-Shaped Dielectric Resonator Antenna with Air Gap

  • Ranjana Singh
  • Amit Kumar
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 732)


Different results and effect on resonance frequency due to “air gap” present between DRA and ground are presented in this paper. This structure is inspired by rectangular DRA as rectangular DRA provides two aspect ratios. The proposed structure is a miniaturized, low-profile antenna having bandwidth of 4.1 GHz (5.8–9.9 GHz) and resonant frequency is 7.31 GHz. Simulation is done using CST Microwave Studio Suite-10, showing proposed structure has high radiation efficiency, improved gain of 5.735 dB with VSWR 1.18 at resonant frequency. Proposed antenna is excited using micro-strip line having width of only 4 mm. An air gap is introduced between S-shaped DRA and ground, and results are compared when air gap is removed (micro-strip is inserted into DRA). Proposed structure is investigated and examined at different parameters ensuring that proposed antenna is a low profile and is a good candidate for wireless systems like WLAN, WiMAX, 4G systems, and some wireless radio system.


Aspect ratio Dielectric resonator antenna (DRA) Radiation efficiency Impedance bandwidth (IBW) VSWR 


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  1. 1.Communication DepartmentGalgotias UniversityGreater NoidaIndia
  2. 2.SEECE, Galgotias UniversityGreater NoidaIndia

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