Spoof Surface Plasmon-Based Leaky-Wave Antenna (LWA)

  • Amin Kianinejad
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In this chapter, the spoof surface plasmon modes are implemented to design a single-layered leaky-wave antenna (SL-LWA). With a simple and single layer configuration, the proposed design offers all the advantageous features of the conventional leaky-wave antennas such as frequency scanning beam, forward, broadside and backward radiations as well as broadband operation for broadside radiation. With very low non-radiative power at the end of the antenna, the proposed leaky-wave antenna does not require any loading termination. In the next section, the radiation from the proposed single-layered leaky-wave antenna is studied. In Section II, a simple design procedure for the SL-LWA is proposed. In Section III, the radiation performance of the antenna is experimentally evaluated.

Antenna radiation patterns Beam steering Leaky wave antennas (LWAs) Periodic structures Plasmons 


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