The Payoff and Concluding Chapters

  • Bala Shankar


Account management is a culture and a way of life. Sales teams and all other functions supporting them are symbiotic elements of the whole notion. For salesmen, it is a paradigm change in the ‘state of the mind’. It needs a shared vision among key stakeholders in the company and a clear road map to develop it gradually and embed into all processes and actions of people. This chapter discusses the payoffs from a well-oiled account management system, the hurdles and the transformational implications. We will explore some preparatory steps, including elements of an account organization that centers around the strengths of the company, the needs of the customers and successes achieved with implementation of the account management concept at different stages. Companies at the start of an account management system or those who have made some progress could deploy the system using the model implementation plan in this concluding chapter, offering a template and key steps centered around six platforms. We also discuss the potential early dividends of a newly implemented system—the pleasures for the proponents!

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