Organizational and Human Resource Imperatives

  • Bala Shankar


In the B2B world, account managers are not just salesmen. They are the brand ambassadors and in many ways synonymous with the company. In fact, the only account management asset is represented by account managers. Their well-being, meeting their higher order needs which stem from their comprehensive role that combines commercial and entrepreneurial facets, policy of hiring candidates with the best credentials (and not merely prior experience within the industry)—a potential game-changing competitive strategy—are other nuanced aspects we travel. People are a key component of an account management strategy. But no individual should matter more than the group, the organization and the system. We discuss how to maximize the contribution of its high-performance account managers while managing continuity and intensity of customer relationships, the merits of broad-based incentive plans and specimens of alternative metrics. We round off this chapter with the vast scope of training and mentoring, besides offering solutions for effective implementation in an account management environment.

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