Skillsets and Knowledge (of Account Teams)

  • Bala Shankar


The long list of skillsets of an account manager is discussed in this chapter. While basic skills are not covered, more nuanced expectations are discussed—correct articulation of a company’s strengths and weaknesses to create a clear brand proposition, ability to understand and digest financial or economic information of customers and transactions to establish the linkage between your product or service and bottom-line gains to the customer in dollar terms, cross-selling and upselling through mastering financial data, the importance of questioning and listening, storytelling, customizing the story in terms of key message, focus, emphasis, length, terminologies, sequence and more. Consistent, prompt and professional communication with dos and don’ts and examples are covered in this chapter. Lastly, preparation of a solid account plan, plan essentials, preparing them with clarity, goal setting and detailing are elucidated with suggestive templates.

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