Systematic Method for Detection and Prevention of Fire Accidents in Rail Transport

  • B. VanajakshiEmail author
  • N. Mounika
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Exemplary embodiment of the present disclosure is directed toward a systematic method for preventing fire in a rail transport. The system includes a flame detector which detects fire at a critical fire point in compartments of a rail transport, a control unit which receives the detected fire information from the flame detector for transmitting digital signals, an alarm unit which notifies the detected fire information to the passengers through an alarm, a liquid-crystal display unit which displays a fire presence compartment number of the rail transport, a power activation and deactivation unit which deactivates a power of the rail transport and activates battery bulbs in the compartments of the rail transport, water sprinkling pipes which split the water in the fire presence compartments, a power relay unit which controls the speed of the rail transport, and emergency services alerting unit which transmits an information of detected fire information to the emergency services through a communication network [1].


Rail transport Flame detector Alarm Liquid-crystal display unit Power activation and deactivation unit Water sprinkling pipes 


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