Appendix: Report on the Questionnaire Survey on China’s Macroeconomic Situation and Policy in 2017

(September 2017, No. 9)
Part of the Current Chinese Economic Report Series book series (CCERS)


To keep abreast of the macroeconomic situation and policy trend, an annual questionnaire survey of China’s macroeconomic situation and policy jointly started twice a year since the first time in August 2013, held by the Economic Information Daily, Xinhua News Agency and the Center for Macroeconomic Research, Xiamen University (one of the Key Research Institutes of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education of China). This is the ninth-time questionnaire survey about the study. There were 20 questions directly about China’s macroeconomic situation and policy trend in the questionnaire, and we invited some domestic economists in relevant area for this survey by email in August 2017, and finally got responses from 121 of them. This survey offered the latest understandings and judgments of experts concerning the economic situation of the world, trends of some major indicators about China’s macro-economy, and trends of China’s macroeconomic policies in 2017.

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