The Dilemma of Judicial Proof

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Part of the Masterpieces of Contemporary Jurisprudents in China book series (MCJC)


On 20th November 2006, a 64 year-old retired woman surnamed Xu was waiting for a bus at Nanjing’s Shuiximen Square station when two buses arrived at the same time. Xu rushed towards the second bus, which had fewer passengers. As she passed the back of the first bus, a 26 year-old man, Peng Yu, was the first passenger to alight by the rear door. Peng, anxious to catch his connection, happened to glance backwards and found Xu lying on the ground. He immediately helped her up and, together with her family who were soon on the scene, took her to hospital. While there, he paid over 200RMB in medical fees on Xu’s behalf. The diagnosis found that Xu had sustained a fracture of the left femoral neck in the fall, and had to be hospitalized for hip replacement surgery, necessitating fees in the tens of thousands.


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