• Ying Chen
  • Lan Sun
  • Guan-Hua DuEmail author


Cardiac glycosides, including digoxin, digitoxin, and lanatoside digitalis glycosides, are mainly isolated from lanatoside digitalis. They are used in the treatment of chronic congestive heart failure (CHF) and can also be used to treat some arrhythmia, and they show incomparable advantages in clinical practice. Cardiac glycosides have been used in clinical practice for more than two centuries, which is enough to prove its value. Because they are important agents in the treatment of CHF, the issues of narrow dose span and high-risk poisoning make it a meaningful task to find safer cardiac glycosides. Another important topic for future research is the effect of cardiac glycosides on the treatment of other diseases.


Cardiac glycosides Digitalis Digoxin Digitoxin Cedilanid 


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