• Xiao Cheng
  • Yue-Hua Wang
  • Guan-Hua DuEmail author


The plants containing dicoumarol mainly include red carnation grass, rotten alfalfa, rotten white vanilla rhinoceros, and other plants in Leguminosae. Dicoumarin, a coumarin derivative, is an oral anticoagulant drug, and its common mechanism is to inhibit synthesis of the coagulation factor in the liver. There are many coumarin derivatives, and the most common clinical drug is warfarin, which is applicable to long-term maintenance of anticoagulant. The most serious adverse reaction of warfarin is bleeding, which can be against by vitamin K. Up till now, warfarin is more reliable with more clinical experience and will be an important oral anticoagulant in the next few years.


Dicoumarin Purple alfalfa Dicoumarol Bishydroxycoumarin 


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