• Xiao-Cong Pang
  • Ai-Lin Liu
  • Guan-Hua DuEmail author


Gastrodin is extracted from Gastrodia elata, which is widely used for the treatment of vertigo, headache, neuralgia, neurasthenia syndrome, and brain traumatic syndrome. Studies showed that gastrodin has many pharmacological effects, including hypnosis, sedation, and anticonvulsive. At present, to reduce the frequency of administration, the fluctuations of blood drug concentration, as well as side effects, some new dosage forms have been developed in recent years, such as Gastrodia dispersible tablets, Gastrodia sustained-release tablet, sustained-release pellets and osmotic pump tablets, etc. Although gastrodin has been applied clinically, a lot of studies still need to be done to confirm the efficacy and safety of gastrodin, and the other compositions of Gastrodia elata are subjected to further investigation.


Gastrodin Gastrodia elata Acetagastrodin Efficacy 


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