• Bi-Yu Hou
  • Li Zhang
  • Jin-Hua Wang
  • Guan-Hua DuEmail author


Rutin is widely found in nature and is almost contained in all of the Rutaceae and Sectaceae plants. As a flavonoid substance, rutin has a significant protective effect on the cardiovascular system. Rutin and its derivatives have a strong free radical scavenging effect, of which rutin has the strongest antioxidant activity. Clinically, rutin is mainly used for the adjuvant treatment of hypertension and treatment for the prevention of other bleedings due to lack of rutin, such as cerebral hemorrhage. Structural modification of rutin can generate a series of derivatives with good activities, such as troxerutin, which is well water-soluble and conducive to human absorption. Troxerutin has a more significant efficacy than rutin and is used in the treatment of varicose veins/venous disorders. Since rutin has a mild effect with low cost and less adverse reactions, especially its remarkable effect on acute cerebral infarction, it is of great worth on the promotion and application of rutin.


Rutin Flavonoids Cardiovascular protection Antihemorrhagic 


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