Internet of Things-Enabled Smart Campus Energy Management and Control with Soft Computing Approach

  • Ramasamy Mariappan
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 710)


Nowadays, sensor devices found widespread applications in multiple fields such as smart grids, smart buildings, Internet of things, and cyber-physical systems. One such significant application is energy management in buildings, which monitors the energy consumption and accordingly control. It may be equipped with wired sensor devices or wireless sensor devices to form a distributed sensor network over an optical backbone network. This paper proposes interconnected buildings for networked energy management system using Internet of things (IOT). In this system, wireless fiber optic sensors will be used to provide multiple types of energy management information for campus buildings through the existing information and communication network. This research work investigates on practical steps to realize the integration of IOT-enabled microgrid with campus area network (CAN)—Wi-Fi network for the campus energy management using soft computing-based energy management system (EMS).


Smart energy management Internet of things Soft computing 


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  1. 1.Sri Venkateswara College of EngineeringTirupatiIndia

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