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Conclusion: Lessons for Future CEOs, Their Parents and Educators

  • Stanislav Shekshnia
  • Kirill Kravchenko
  • Elin Williams


We conclude by reviewing the implications of CEO School for our various audiences. We remind aspiring CEOs of the need to take their physical condition very seriously; to make sure their levels of ambition, passion and curiosity are high; to settle on the industry of their choice; and to keep on developing CEO skills. Their parents can help by giving them every possible chance to develop CAP, systemic thinking, emotional acumen and desire to learn from an early age. There are similar lessons for teachers—from kindergarten to high school. Foster curiosity, enthusiasm and collaboration, whatever age group or subject you teach. Meanwhile, business school professors (ourselves included) should examine their own curricula and lesson plans. Are we really teaching the subjects relevant to future business leaders?

People who are empowered to select future CEOs—board members and business owners—should define precisely what they are looking for, rely on collective wisdom rather than one person’s judgement and apply a variety of techniques to assess future business leaders.


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  • Stanislav Shekshnia
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  • Kirill Kravchenko
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  • Elin Williams
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  2. 2.Gubkin Oil and Gas UniversityMoscowRussia
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