Fixed Charge Bulk Transportation Problem

  • Bindu Kaushal
  • Shalini Arora
Conference paper
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This paper discusses an exact method to solve fixed charge bulk transportation problem (FCBTP). The fixed charge bulk transportation problem is a variant of the classical transportation problem in which a fixed cost is incurred in addition to the bulk transportation cost. This paper comprises of two sections. In Sect. 2, an algorithm based on lexi-search approach is proposed to solve FCBTP which gives the optimal solution in a finite number of iterations. Section 3 reports and corrects the errors which occurred in the paper entitled ‘Solving the fixed charge problem by ranking the extreme point’ by Murty (Oper. Res. 16(2): 268–279, 1968) [24]. Towards the end, some Concluding Remarks are given.


Fixed charge bulk transportation problem (FCBTP) Bulk transportation problem (BTP) Lexi-search 



The authors are thankful to the honourable reviewers for their significant comments which have enhanced the quality of our manuscript ‘Fixed Charge Bulk Transportation Problem’ to a great extent.


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