The Influences of Climate and Water-Level Changes on the Evolution of Sequence Stratigraphy and Sedimentary System of the Lower Cretaceous, in the Fula Sag, Muglad Basin, Sudan

  • Cheng ChenEmail author
  • Yixiang Zhu
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Sequence stratigraphic and sedimentologic theories and methods were employed in the study of sequence stratigraphic features and sedimentary system distributions in the Cretaceous of the Jake oil field in Fula sag,Muglad Basin,Sudan.Data gathered through core,drilling and logging and seismic events,were resorted to establish sequence stratigraphic framework,determine the types and distribution of sedimentary facies and understand evolution pattern and controlling factors in Lower Cretaceous.The Cretaceous can be described as three second-order sequences, and Lower Cretaceous can be divided into seven three-order sequences.The result shows that sedimentary facies including fan delta,submarine fan,braided river deltas and rivers deposits were recognized in the Lower Cretaceous.Depositional facies varied vertically from fan delta to submarine fan and then to braided river delta in Abu Gabra Formation, and from braided river to meandering river and then to delta in the Bentiu Formation.The distribution of the sediments is controlled by multi-factors in Jake oil field. Vertically, tectonic activity is the main factor which control the facies change in Abu Gabra. However, climate change and coast recession mainly affect the facies distribution. Horizontally,sediment supply and local subsidence differences controlled the distribution of sand body.


Muglad Basin Jake oilfield The Cretaceous Sequence stratigraphy Depositional system 



This project is supported by China National Science and Technology Major Project (No. (2016ZX5010). We want to express many thanks to Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development, CNPC and China University of Petroleum for their indispensable help and valuable suggestions. We especially thank Dr. Shunming Li, Dr. Rubing Han and other colleagues for working very industriously on this project. It is not easy to do research in such complicated rift basin, and they have done considerable work to advance the project.


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