Resilient Network and Loop-Free Forwarding Using Time Synchronization

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Under any routing protocol inconsistency of router create a problem. At the time of link or node failure there is some changes occur in topology which cause some postponement in redesigning of new topology. Router has inconsistent view of network for a few instances. During convergence period, packet may be trapped in forwarding loops. TTL is not adequate when loops are more. It has been watched that even in well oversee systems, failure of connections and router are normal. So as to fulfill the interest for high accessibility if there should arise an occurrence of a failure, quick rebuilding of loop free sending along the ideal ways is significant for a steering plan. The main strength of this paper is that it is not protocol dependent, we can embedded this scheme with any protocol and purpose of this paper is to provide a desirable feature of network, i.e., resilience.


Resilient Time-to-live (TTL) Loop-free forwarding Bidirectional forwarding (BFD) Breadth-first search (BFS) Proactive rerouting Reactive rerouting 


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