Photonic Crystal Fiber: A Review

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With the tremendously growing demand for internet, developments in optical fiber technology are rapid. These fibers offer low propagation loss for longer lengths, high transmission rate, and high channel capacity and bandwidth. However, traditional fibers have very rigid design rules such as limited core diameter for single-mode operation and cut-off wavelengths. Photonic crystal fibers are a new class of fiber, which along with the benefits of conventional fibers provides unique properties such as endlessly single mode operation, no cut-off wavelength, and single mode operation with larger core diameters. PCFs work in two different modes: index-guiding mode and photonic bandgap mode. These fibers can be used in ophthalmology, dental imaging, military applications, and many more areas. This paper provides an overview of photonic crystal fiber and its different modes of operation and applications.


Modified TIR Photonic bandgap Crystal fibers Holey fibers 


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