Development of Performance Testing Suite Using Apache JMeter

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  • Rashmi Phalnikar
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Testing a product has become one of the most important tasks for any organization (Be it small scale or large scale). Without testing the product, it is not delivered to the customer. Testing is an ongoing activity from the beginning of a product’s development. A performance testing suite shall be developed using Apache JMeter for the purpose of testing a product. To perform performance testing on client- and server-type softwares, a 100% pure Java application named Apache JMeter is used. Apache JMeter is not a browser, it works at protocol level. Static and dynamic resources performance testing can be done using JMeter. A high level performance testing suite will be developed in capturing aspects of performance at UI and System level. Developing the testing suite helps in saving the time and cost of the organization. The discussion follows and describes benefits of performance testing and the performance testing suite.


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The work of researchers and publishers is meant a lot to the author during the whole process. Author expresses regards for the same. Also the help by the professors proved to be of great use. Author would also like to thank Avaya India Pvt. Ltd. for giving this opportunity of working for Avaya. The suite developed during this project is specific to SMGR (product of Avaya India Pvt. Ltd.) as the project is sponsored by Avaya.


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