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Part of the Springer Series in Materials Science book series (SSMATERIALS, volume 264)


Engineering and true strain and stress, and their relationship, Poisson’s ratio and volume strain. Generalized Hooke’s law for a triaxial state of stress. Relationship between principal normal and shear stresses and explanation with Mohr’s stress circle. Mechanisms of plastic deformation of crystalline solids: slip and twinning. A brief introduction to dislocations. Reasons of strain hardening, relationship between yield strength and grain size, and effect of stacking fault energy on the extent of strain hardening and twinning. Various strengthening methods. Yielding criteria, invariant functions of stress and strain, and flow rules. Discussion of various types of stress–strain curve in tension. Empirical relationship for flow curve, strain-hardening coefficient, tensile instability, stress field at the neck. Different elastic (linear and nonlinear) and inelastic tensile properties, geometry of tensile specimen and ductility measurement. Influence of temperature, strain rate and testing machine on tensile properties. Notch tensile test and tensile fracture. Problems and solutions.


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