Russia’s Involvement in POW/MIA Affairs

  • Paul M. Cole


In Washington, DC, the politics of the POW/MIA issue intensified, but as usual for the wrong reasons.

On June 17, 1992, Russian President Boris Yeltsin delivered a letter to the Senate and a speech to a Joint Session of Congress. No one, including the CIA, correctly anticipated how Yeltsin would dominate the headlines.

The best con jobs are the cons that take place in the open. Out of the blue during his speech, President Yeltsin promised to answer all questions regarding Americans who he said had been detained against their will in the Soviet Union. President Yeltsin ’s speech brought prolonged applause, cheering, and enthusiastic shouting that was not usually associated with Congress. No one bothered to notice that Yeltsin’s letter and speech contained false statements and empty promises.

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