Congressional and DoD Action

  • Paul M. Cole


Congressional intervention followed a disturbing pattern. In 1991 the Senate turned its attention to the POW/MIA issue.

The Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs began work, the Committee’s co-chairs went to Moscow with the intent to resolve the question of US POWs with one visit, and the DoD responded to Congressional pressure by creating an office responsible for POW/MIA issues. Congress was poised to exploit any indication that US POWs had been transferred to the USSR.

As soon as all of the political juice was squeezed and the accounting program returned to its rightful place as a matter of forensic factual evidence and battlefield archaeology, members of Congress turn their attention to issues that got them elected in the first place. Without the Committee lights and headlines, the POW/MIA issue always slips beneath the surface of the political pond.

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