Pentagon Briefing, Lunch with a KGB General

  • Paul M. Cole


The first visit to Moscow had been a comprehensive success on various levels. We succeeded in obtaining the cooperation for our project with the KGB, the General Staff of the Soviet Army, the Institute for Military History, as well as the Supreme Soviet. As a result of the progress made and the potential for success, Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney wrote to his Soviet counterpart Marshal Shaposhnikov to thank him for the cooperation our team received and propose that cooperation be formalized, which Marshal Shaposhnikov accepted in a letter to Secretary Cheney.

Consultation with the former head of KGB counterintelligence, General Oleg Kalugin, revealed that the transfer of American POWs to the USSR would have required approval at the highest level of the Soviet government. General Kalugin further revealed that Soviet intelligence successfully recruited US POWs during the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

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