“Evil Creeps,” Conspiracy Theorists, and DPMO’s Activities

  • Paul M. Cole


Given the “sacred” nature of the accounting program, aka the “nation’s highest national priority,” one would not expect to find con men, grifters, and others who exploited the issue. In fact, “evil creeps,” “scoundrels,” and “crackpots” used the mission for personal gain, as a way to take advantage of others or as a way to spend public money for private pursuits. Some human beings are hardwired to take advantage of the weak, naïve, innocent, and grieving.

The extent to which the accounting program was exploited for personal gain political advantage gave cynicism a new definition.

In this chapter, Dr. Cole catalogues the activities of an astonishing number of “evil creeps,” “cruel frauds,” and “crackpots” who preyed upon desperate, vulnerable families. Examples of the dubious performance of the Defense POW/MIA Office (DPMO) are included as well.


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