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One might have reasonably concluded that it should not have been difficult to obtain additional funding for a follow-on research project focused on a topic that the president of the United States had designated as the “nation’s highest national priority .”

One would have been wrong. Project funding, which was obtained over the objections of RAND management, was used to fund a research project that focused on KGB, military intelligence and secret police records located in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, East Germany and Moscow. The project was administered by a consulting company in Washington, DC.

In response to a DoD tasking, Dr. Cole demonstrated that North Vietnam was not teaching North Korea how to extract cash from the DoD in exchange for human remains. Instead, North Korea was taught how to extort DoD by a US Army colonel. Dr. Cole documents how the DoD provided tons of fresh food, fuel oil, dozens of luxury SUVs, and tens of millions of dollars in cash to the North Korean government.

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