US-Russia Joint Commission on POW/MIAs

  • Paul M. Cole


As a consequence of visit to Moscow by Senators Kerry and Smith, the US-Russia Joint Commission on POW/MIA’s (USRJC ) was created.

The USRJC , which held its first meeting in Moscow on March 26, 1992, was chaired by former US Ambassador to Russia Malcolm Toon. A PhD historian and former commander of the Military History Institute General Volkogonov was appointed by President Boris Yeltsin to chair the Russian side.

The ground rules established ensured that the endeavor would become a prolonged, expensive failure, financed entirely by the US taxpayer. In this chapter, Dr. Cole, a “technical advisor” to the USRJC who was in Moscow for the first meeting, describes the flawed preparation that resulted in the creation of a commission dismissed by the Russians as “Potemkin.”

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