Making the Difference: Communicating Campaigns for Sustainable Development in the Opposition State of Penang, Malaysia

  • Mustafa K. Anuar
  • Shakila Abdul Manan
Part of the Communication, Culture and Change in Asia book series (CCCA, volume 6)


Since the stunning victory of the opposition grouping Pakatan Rakyat at the 12th general election on 8 March 2008, by seizing a greater number of Parliamentary seats, Malaysian voters have had high expectations in terms of good governance and what is considered as sustainable development, particularly in the three opposition states of the Federation of Malaysia. In one of these states, i.e. Penang, the stakes and expectations have become much higher, especially after it attained the coveted status of UNESCO World Heritage Site on 7th July of the same year. It is in Penang that concerned Malaysians and social activists with competing notions of socio-economic development at times come into conflict with the state and other actors in their campaign for sustainable development. This chapter examines the various, and at times creative, ways in which civil society groups convey their messages and political stand in the public domain.


Communication campaigns Civil society Penang Forum Green agenda Sustainable development in the opposition states of Malaysia 


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  1. 1.Penang InstituteGeorge TownMalaysia
  2. 2.Universiti Sains MalaysiaMindenMalaysia

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