An Overview of QTL Identification and Marker-Assisted Selection for Grain Protein Content in Wheat

  • Ajay Kumar
  • Shalu Jain
  • Elias M. Elias
  • Mohamed Ibrahim
  • Lakesh K. Sharma


Grain protein content (GPC) is one of the most important traits in both the hexaploid and durum wheat. It plays an important role in end-use quality and thus determines the economic value of the crop. Improvement in GPC is a major objective in wheat breeding programs around the world. Therefore, in the past two decades, numerous studies on genetic dissection of this trait have been conducted in wheat. These studies have identified numerous quantitative trait loci (QTL) and markers associated with GPC in wheat. The available information about the marker trait associations for GPC offer great opportunities for marker-assisted breeding for this complex quantitative trait. In this article, we summarize the information available about the molecular genetic dissection of GPC and the progresses and prospects of application of marker-assisted breeding for improvement of this trait in wheat. We also reviewed the genetic relationship between GPC and grain yield. Strategies were also suggested to improve GPC in wheat based on available genetic and genomic resources.


Epistasis Grain protein content Grain yield Marker-assisted selection Quantitative trait loci Durum wheat Hexaploid wheat 


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  • Shalu Jain
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  • Elias M. Elias
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  • Mohamed Ibrahim
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