The Mysterious Impulse Function and its Mysteries

  • Suhash Chandra Dutta Roy

Some fundamental issues relating to this mysterious but fascinating impulse function in continuous as well as discrete time domain are discussed first. These are: definition and relation to the unit step function, dimension of impulse response, solution of differential and difference equations involving the impulse function and Fourier transform of the unit step function. Conceptual understanding is emphasized at every point. This is very important, particularly for beginners like you. So read the chapter carefully and grasp the contents. This will help you to understand the later course on signals and systems, control, DSP, etc.


Impulse function Unit step function Impulse response Differential equation Difference equation Fourier transform Signals and systems Digital signal processing 



The author acknowledges the help received from Professor Yashwant V Joshi in the preparation of this chapter.


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