Rare-Earth Oxide Desulfurizers

  • Jiang Wu
  • Dongjing Liu
  • Weiguo Zhou
  • Qizhen Liu
  • Yaji Huang
Part of the Energy and Environment Research in China book series (EERC)


The IGCC coarse gas derived from coal gasification process usually contains large amounts of sulfur containing components, such as H2S, COS, and CS2, 90% of them are H2S (~0.1 to 1.5 vol.%) which could cause severe corrosion of the pipelines, facilities, and catalysts in the subsequent coal gas conversion process; thus, the sulfur compounds need to be removed prior to syngas utilization. The hot coal gases are often purified with solid sorbents (single metal oxides or bimetal oxides), namely, called as dry desulfurization. Recently, the most commonly used sorbents are transition-metal oxides and their composites, for instance, zinc oxide, copper oxide, ferric oxide, and manganese oxide as well as zinc ferrite, zinc titanate, which are called as the first-generation high-temperature desulfurizers (FHDs)


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