Emergency Room (ER)

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  • Danny Siu-Chun Ng
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The design of the emergency rooms needs to be comprehensively considered. Some general principles, such as accessibility, signage, and good relationship with other departments, should be considered. There are also some special instruments, drugs, and common supplies needed in the ocular emergency rooms. In an eye hospital, the emergency room should have some essential setting for examination and management of systemic emergency. Patients coming to the emergency room are mixed with different levels of severity and crisis. They should be managed differently according to their specific situations. First aid is needed for the following conditions: chemical injury, open globe injury, and acute painless vision loss. Hospital-acquired infection is a major challenge in high turnover emergency rooms. The following strategies should be used for infection control: hand hygiene, separate infection source from the rest of departments, healthcare personnel protection, and environment controls.


Emergency rooms Setting Triage First aid Infection control 


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