Deliberative Study of Security Issues in Cloud Computing

  • Chandani KathadEmail author
  • Tosal Bhalodia
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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 654)


Cloud computing is an intact new archetype that offers a non-conventional computing exemplar for association to take up information technology and respected utility. Cloud computing provides platform for entrance to numerous, boundless site from flexible work out to on require provision to active storage and computing prerequisite execution. It is observed that potential gain attained in the course of cloud computing is at rest uncertain for generously reachable resources and open-ended resources which blow cloud implementation. Design, level dependency, flexibility, and multi-tenancy are such factors which penetrate new dimension of cloud form. Study of cloud problems is discussed in this article. Varying, active, and secure cloud model implementation face so many challenges which are covered in this paper. Any proposed security for cloud is enclosed, and derivative aspect of cloud security are denoted by this survey.


Cloud security Cloud computing 


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