On the Nature of Thermodynamic Models in Architecture and Climate

  • Nadir AbdessemedEmail author


Most of the disciplines engaged in architecture and design describe our built environment with models. Be it science or engineering, art or architecture, philosophy or economics, models help us understand and inform a future world shaped by designers. They are an essential element of our thinking and allow us to connect the physical world with a cognitive process. The purpose of creating a model may lie on a spectrum from finding “truth” to storytelling. It may range from answering practical question to aesthetics, from optimizing resources to more effectively use time and money needed to finding answers to a question. Models may be of physical nature or virtual, they may require a computer, and sometimes only be a conversation involving an analogy.

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  1. 1.Consultant for Climate, Energy and Sustainability in the Built Environment at TranssolarStuttgartGermany

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