Packet-Based Control for Networked Wiener Systems

  • Yun-Bo ZhaoEmail author
  • Guo-Ping Liu
  • Yu Kang
  • Li Yu


Following the extension of the packet-based control approach to networked Hammerstein systems in Chap.  3, another extension readily follows which is the category of output nonlinear systems described by the Wiener model, where a static nonlinear output process is present in the system. For this type of nonlinear systems, the two-step approach proposed in Chap.  3 can still be applied to separate the nonlinear process from the system, thus enabling the packet-based control approach to be implemented in this case. Different from the input nonlinearity case, a specially designed observer is proposed for the implementation of the two-step approach to networked Wiener systems, and as a result, the stability criterion of the corresponding closed-loop system depends not only on the communication conditions but the error of the observer.


Packet-based Control Output Nonlinear Systems Wiener Model Closed-loop Stability Stability Criterion 
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