Ultraviolet–Visible Spectrophotometry

  • Hiro AmekuraEmail author


UV–Vis spectrophotometry is routinely used in the quantitative chemical analysis of solutions. In this article, applications to solid-state spectroscopy are described. This method detects optical transmittance/reflectance, i.e., intensity ratios of the transmitted/reflected light from a sample to the incident monochromatic light in the visible and adjacent (near-, mid-UV, and near-infrared) ranges, viz., 190–2500 nm (0.5–6.5 eV). The spectra are usually detected by scanning the monochromator (Fig. 126.1) and provide information about electronic excitation states in solids/molecules.


Optical transmission spectroscopy Optical reflection spectroscopy Surface plasmon resonance Nanoparticle Birefringence of elongated nanoparticles 


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