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In this work, I investigated to observe novel functionalities in octacyanometalate-based magnet and successfully realized i) light-induced spin-crossover magnetization, ii) phtoomagnetism in a two-step spin-transition material, and iii) the coexistence of super-ionic conductivity and metamagnetism. In spin-crossover phenomenon, the conversion of electronic state occurs on single ion, so partial metal substitution is possible. By incorporating other functional metal ions, multi-functional photo-magnetic materials, such as high Curie temperature photo-magnetic materials, are expected to be obtained. In addition, super-ionic conductivity and photo-induced change of ionic conductivity is also a fascinating functionality. The present study opens up the new possibilities for novel functionalities.


Molecule-based magnet Photo-induced magnetization Spin-crossover Ionic conductivity cyanido-bridged metal assemblies 

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