Observation of Light-Induced Spin-Crossover Magnetism in a Fe-[Nb(CN)8] Bimetal Assembly

  • Kenta ImotoEmail author
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In this chapter, the first example of light-induced spin-crossover ferromagnetism is described. This phenomenon is achieved in a three-dimensional Fe–Nb bimetallic assembly. In this compound, the spin-crossover site is introduced into cyanido-bridged metal assembly. The photo-induced magnetization is observed because of the combination of LIESST effect on spin-crossover sites, strong superexchange interaction between the magnetic centers in three-dimensional manner. The present result is the first step toward the study of the new type of photo-magnetic material.


Light-induced spin-crossover Cyanido-bridged metal assembly Photo-induced magnetization Iron(II) Octacyanidoniobate(IV) 


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