Prevalence of Mistreatment of Older Persons and Their Associated Psychological Distress in a Selected Population of North India

  • Muthuvenkatachalam Srinivasan
  • Sandhya GuptaEmail author


Elder abuse and its detection are challenging and highly sensitive issues in India. A study to identify the prevalence of mistreatment among older persons and assess their psychological distress was undertaken by the authors in a selected population of Uttarakhand State in North India. The prevalence of mistreatment was 15.6%. Neglect and exploitation were the most common types of mistreatment and they were positively associated with psychological distress and people aged above 80, while being negatively associated with availability of their social support.



The authors are thankful to all the participants of the study. There was no conflict of interest. No funds were taken from anyone for the study.


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