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Fuel Loss and Related Emissions Due to Idling of Motorized Vehicles at a Major Intersection in Delhi

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Traffic intersections are considered as air quality hotspots as they mostly exceed the prescribed air quality standards specified by various regulatory agencies due to high vehicular activities, idling, and related vehicular emissions. Delay at traffic intersections results in fuel loss due to idling of vehicles and related emissions. In the present study, Ashram Chowk, a major intersection in Delhi has been selected. Nearly 3.4 lakh vehicles pass through Ashram intersection daily, out of which nearly 20% (~60,000 nos.) of the traffic faces average time delay (or idling) for time varying from 6 to 8 min delays per hour. In the present study, a methodology has been developed for the estimation of emissions (such as CO2, CH4, CO, NOx, NO2, NMVOC, etc.) from fuel loss occurring during idling of vehicles using IPCC emission factors. The study highlights the importance of reducing fuel losses at intersections to achieve sustainable air quality.


  • Fuel Losses
  • IPCC Emission Factor
  • Traffic Intersection
  • Ashram
  • Fuel Consumption

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The authors are thankful to Director, CSIR-CRRI for kindly permitting to publish the present paper. Rajni Dhyani is thankful to CSIR for providing financial assistance through CSIR Senior Research Fellowship.

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