Structural, Optical and Spectral Characterization of Single-Layer QDIPs

  • Saumya SenguptaEmail author
  • Subhananda Chakrabarti


In this chapter, we have investigated the effect of growth pause on structural, optical and spectral properties of InAs/GaAs QD materials. Introduction of growth pause or ripening time changes the morphology of the QDs by altering effective epitaxial strain during the growth of QDs. Initially, we grew single-layer QD samples, with another QD layer on the top of the surface for structural characterization. Sample sets with two different InAs growth rates (0.032 and 0.197 ML/s) were grown on (100)-oriented GaAs substrates. Three samples, with 0, 25 and 50 s growth pause, were grown with each of the two growth rates, keeping all other growth parameters constant. We have examined the change of their optical and structural properties with different duration of growth pause. For device fabrication, we grew 10 mutually uncoupled QD layers sandwiched between Si-doped thick GaAs contact layers. In this case, the InAs dots were grown at 520 °C with a growth rate of 0.1 MLs−1. Growth pauses of 0, 25 and 50 s were introduced for samples A, B and C, respectively. Finally, single-pixel photodetector devices were fabricated from as-grown A, B and C samples with standard fabrication procedures.


Growth pause Scanning electron microscope Photoluminescence 


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