Lacrimal Recanalization



Canalicular obstructions and NLDO are therapeutic challenges. Although multiple etiological factors are known, lacrimal duct obstruction is a final common pathway following inflammation and fibrosis. Recanalization of the obstructed lacrimal pathways is gaining more ground as an alternative to bypass procedures [1–5] The indications for lacrimal recanalization include complete or partial canalicular obstructions, complete or partial nasolacrimal duct (NLD) obstructions, patchy or multifocal canalicular or NLD strictures, and membranous canalicular obstructions following a DCR. The modalities employed for recanalization include Sisler’s canalicular trephination, dacryoendoscopy-guided canalicular and NLD trephination, laser dacryoplasty, microdrill canaliculoplasty, balloon canaliculoplasty, and diathermy-based recanalizations [1–5]. The fundamental needed to make recanalization a real alternative modality is accurate understanding of the etiopathogenesis, which is still elusive.


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