Defected Ground Structure Switchable Notch Band Antenna for UWB Applications

  • Vamseekrishna AllamEmail author
  • B. T. P. Madhav
Conference paper
Part of the Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies book series (SIST, volume 77)


A defected ground structure notch band antenna is proposed in this work. The switchable characteristics for the designed notch band antenna are achieved through open-end slots on/off positions. The proposed DGS notch band antenna is capable of notching the frequency bands 3–4, 5.5–6.5 GHz, respectively. A high notch band rejection with VSWR greater than 2 and the return loss greater than −10 dB is achieved at the notching frequencies. The defected ground structure is providing balance in the impedance bandwidth to the designed models. By sorting the slots on the radiating structure, the tunability in the notching frequencies is attained in this paper. The antenna radiation characteristics and the surface current distributions at operating bands as well as at notch bands are presented in this work. The proposed notch band antenna is providing high rejection of gain in the notch band and average gain of 2.8 dB in the operating band.


Defected ground structure Monopole antenna Notch band Switchability Ultra-wideband 



Authors feel happy to acknowledge department of ECE, ECM, and management of KLU for the support during this work. Dr. B. T. P. Madhav likes to thank DST for their support through Grants ECR/2016/000569 and SR/FST/ETI-316/2012.


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